Pictures of Phone OMRE “QUICK WIND” they were made for a literary contest “6 to 6 authors objects”
I was not I who chose “him” but just the opposite.
Like when you walk into a bookstore and the smell of paper and ink fills your nostrils, so the flavor of the time took just came to me. Of all the objects in a time that was, and who wants to be, let me observe walking slowly.
So in a side shelf, among other objects, he called me. He pointed with the tip, as if to say: – You’re all right, you can use me!

A Phon Omre 70s the “QUICK WIND”.

QUICK WIND = Wind fast.

What can fly the alder imagination and the wind dreams.
And so the dryer was shown immediately as hot air balloon ready to fly across the real and the surreal.
The rest was simple, the images are composed as if by magic.

We prepare “ballooning” of off you.