Neapolis or Neapoli, from the Greek Νεάπολις, New Town

I think the relation with this city is someting upsetting, morbid, private and at the same time hateful and repulsive. New City! It’s by this way, I’d love to see it, object and subject, of a symbiotic relationship of give and take.

What is it Neapolis?

A project or a travel to give emphasis to colours and particulars of the most photographed lover of all times.

Vision of a symbiotic conurbation. A relation between the streets and the veins, the down neighbourhoods anche the stomach, the sea and the soul, the people anche the heart that can’t be broken up. For me, nothing can exist without the other one.

Enigmatic paradox without an end. It’s constant, indifferent, frenetic and at the same time careful, joyful and available.

Smile and grimace have never lived in this cheeky quiet. Earth, sea, sky. Light and scado. Colours and darkness. Everything cohabits in a perfect way.

Every contradiction can give new force to what we use to see but that not always we watch. If often happen by this way, yuo can’t see and find what you have carefully ridden from the others eyes to protect it and keep it always with you. Then, progressively more, your eyes look like the other’s eyes and even for you it become ridde, what you carefully pack away. That’s what happen with the passage of the time.

I wander to look for a way of see that maybe isn’t.

I wander like a stranger in a world that today hide.

The project is entirely realised by an analogy camera with the assist of other kind and formats cameras, with the preference of the pinhole and the format 6×6. The wraps are subsequently acquired and post-produced for the print. Then the wraps are applied and/or manipulations for complete the final picture are done.